This book will teach you “how” to grow your businesses in a simple way. Marketing can work wonders when applied correctly, even the smallest of tactics could yield high returns. Covering both traditional and digital marketing, there are easy to implement strategies which sole traders and small to medium businesses can use to bring effective results.

You will receive solid information that businesses need to know when it comes to their customers and the market they are targeting. Each marketing initiative is explained in layman’s terms and guidance given on how they should be applied. In time, you will only commit resources to platforms that work for your business and where you get results. No more wasting budget on poorly executed marketing strategies.                                                       

To be a leader, you must be seen to be a leader – and when opportunity comes knocking, you will be on top of your game!



The book is written by Gráinne Farrell, a Strategic Marketing Consultant and Digital Marketing Lecturer with nearly twenty years Marketing experience across many sectors.



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