Gráinne has written one Non Fiction book, and two Women’s Fiction Novels. Her fourth book is also in the Women’s Fiction Genre

The Ultimate Betrayal


Laura Murphy’s world is turned upside when she finds out her husband Bill has been having a prolonged affair with her old work colleague. She is absolutely devastated and hurt beyond belief that he could do this to her given what she had been through years previously. Laura struggles through an unfamiliar everyday battle, but with romance on the horizon much quicker than anticipated, her struggle becomes a lot more complicated.    Read more


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The Wrong Mr.Flynn


Sarah Flynn long ago accepted her role in life as protector of her two sons. At thirty-seven, she suffers regular abuse at the hands of her husband Tom. But when his behaviour begins to deteriorate, she realises not only is her life in danger, but her boys’ futures are in jeopardy.

Tom will stop at nothing to get his wife back but manages to appear unconcerned to those around him. With Sarah rising from the ashes, he realises he must now create a plan of his own. With tensions running high and emotions boiling over, four people are thrown together in a deadly encounter. READ MORE

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Power Marketing


This book will teach you “how” to grow your businesses in a simple way.

Marketing can work wonders when applied correctly, even the smallest of tactics could yield high returns. Covering both traditional and digital marketing, there are easy to implement strategies which sole traders and small to medium businesses can use to bring effective results.

There is little point improving one element of your business without considering all the aspects.  Read More


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