Trapped in a deadly marriage, can she find the courage to break away before it’s too late?


Sarah Flynn long ago accepted her role in life as protector of her two sons. At thirty-seven, she suffers regular abuse at the hands of her husband Tom. But when his behaviour begins to deteriorate, she realises not only is her life in danger, but her boys’ futures are in jeopardy.

Tom will stop at nothing to get his wife back but manages to appear unconcerned to those around him.


With Sarah rising from the ashes, he realises he must now create a plan of his own. With tensions running high and emotions boiling over, four people are thrown together in a deadly encounter.


Husband, wife, brother and lover. One will perish, but who will it be?


This women’s fiction novel is the story of how Sarah Flynn discovers the strength to escape an abusive marriage, and transforms herself back to the woman that lay hidden within. It is a fast paced read, packed with many twists and turns, which leaves readers guessing to the end.



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