Brave Oliver & the Wise Oak Tree

Brave Oliver is a children’s read showcasing the delicate process of self-acceptance and finding one’s voice.

“Join Oliver in this exciting crusade where with the help of a Wise Oak Tree he finds the courage to be brave. Oliver has little confidence and finds himself retracting into his cocoon whenever he’s in the spotlight.

But when he encounters The Wise Oak Tree at the bottom of his garden, he learns to see himself and the world differently.
What possibilities lie ahead for Oliver once he unleashes his true self?”


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For fans of Women’s Fiction, The Ultimate Betrayal will be right up your street.  Laura Murphy is a devoted mother and wife. Devastated by her husband’s betrayal, can she ever recover? An unexpected love interest sweeps her off of her feet. Will this be a new beginning or does life have other plans for her?


And for those who enjoy Romantic Thrillers, then The Wrong Mr. Flynn will certainly not disappoint! Tom Flynn is a cold, calculating monster of a husband. Trapped in an abusive marriage, can his long suffering wife Sarah find the courage to break away before it’s too late?  Only just released, this book is bound to keep you wanting more! Make sure to watch the trailer to get a better overview!


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